R-Go HE Mouse Break, Ergonomic mouse, Anti-RSI software, M, right, wired

Ergonomic vertical mouse that helps modify mousing behaviour!

The R-Go Break Mouse is an ergonomic vertical mouse that stimulates keeping the hand and arm in a natural position and indicates with colours how healthy you work.

Unique features

The R-Go Break mouse:

  • Indicates with colour signals how healthy you work and when to take a break
  • Ensures that you move the mouse with the arm instead of the wrist
  • Has an ergonomic vertical shape (see HE Mouse) to eliminate twisting of the forearm
  • The R-Go Break mouse indicates with colour signals how healthy you work:

    Green means ‘good to go’, orange means that you should take a short (micro) break and red means that you forgot to take your break or that your maximum number of daily mousing hours has been exceeded. By using (the similar functions of) traffic light colour indication simple, positive feedback is provided about healthy behaviour. You will be encouraged to take frequent short breaks. These vital breaks will prevent overload of small muscles and tendons in arm/hand, stimulate the blood circulation of the body and help you to easily (all be it subconsciously) change your behaviour.


    Model and function
    Ergonomic shape:Vertical
    Length hand:175-195
    Function:buttons, scroll wheel
    Resolution (DPI):500-1000-1800-2500
    Number of buttons:4 buttons
    Cable Length (mm):1600
    USB version:USB 2.0
    System requirements
    Product dimensions (LxWxH in mm):105 x 83 x 76
    Net weight (in grams):134
    Product material:Plastic
    Colour:Black, Silver
    Logistical information
    Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):134 x 103 x 92
    Gross weight (in grams):322
    Carton Size (mm):540 x 490 x 290
    Carton weight (grams):16910
    Quantity in carton:50
    HS code (tariff):84716070
    Country of origin:China