R-Go Split Ergonomic Keyboard, QWERTY(UK), black, wired

R-Go Tools introduces the R-Go Split ergonomic keyboard. This keyboard contains all the ergonomic features to type healthy:

  • The very compact design ensures that the hands remain within shoulder width with simultaneous use of keyboard and mouse. This avoids reaching with the arm and ensures that the shoulder and elbow remain in a natural, relaxed position.
  • This keyboard consists of two separate parts, whereby each part of the keyboard can be used in a straight line with the lower arms. This ensures a natural, relaxed position. The two parts can be placed in any desired position, such as a standard split keyboard.
  • The light keystroke ensures minimal muscle tension is present during typing.
  • The very thin design provides a relaxed, flat position of hands and wrists while typing.
  • Unique features:

    • 2 in 1
      This ergonomic split keyboard can be used in different working positions. With the built-in magnet this split keyboard can be transformerd into a compact keyboard with just one movement.
    • Size of the keys
      The keys of the R-Go Split keyboard have the same size as a standard keyboard.
    • Easy to travel
      This lightweight keyboard consists of two parts and fits easily in every laptopbag, making it ideal for travelling and flexwork.


    Model and function
    Model:Split keyboard, Compact Keyboard
    Keyboard layout:QWERTY (United Kingdom)
    Other options:Integrated numeric keyboard
    Cable Length (mm):1500
    System requirements
    Compatibility:Windows, Linux
    Installation:Plug & play
    Product dimensions (LxWxH in mm):288 x 137 x 9
    Net weight (in grams):296
    Product material:Aluminium
    Logistical information
    Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):228 x 169 x 30
    Gross weight (in grams):550
    Quantity in carton:20
    HS code (tariff):84716060
    Country of origin:China